Scene 1:

(Jarry walking into a forest, FC is just right after, without Jarry knowing)

Jarry: Um FC,

Jarry: Can I talk to you?

FC: Sure I guess

FC: What is it?

Jarry: Well, in the last days I started to feel that the alliance is forgetting me

FC: What do you mean?

Jarry: I mean just last episode Vane and Haloy had an alliance meeting without me

Jarry: I feel rejected...

FC: Oh I...

FC: Didn't knew it happened to you

FC: I'm very sorry

FC: Should I go and talk with them about this?

Jarry: I dunno...

Jarry: When I think it's a good idea, I'll call you

FC: Okay,

FC: Call to me whenever you want

Jarry: Thanks

FC: No problem

Scene 2:

*AI sitting on a log*

*BJ sits next to him*

*AI looking at BJ*

AI: I can't believe that both of us are up for elimination

AI: I don't want you to get eliminated

BJ: Thanks, I appreciate it

*Journal 3 comes*

Journal 3: Hey guys

AI: Hey Journal

BJ: On, eh, hello

Journal 3: Hey AI can we talk for a moment?

AI: okay I guess

*AI and Journal 3 walks away*

BJ: It's okay, I'm just gonna wait here

*Journal 3 and AI are coming to a spot*

AI: What do you want to talk about?

Journal 3: Well,

Journal 3: I need to tell to you something

AI: You know, you can always count on me!

Journal 3: Okay

Journal 3: I need you to investigate these three (Showing pictures of HAB, Chalice, Vane) without you, or this investigation getting suspected by them

AI: Wait, HAB???

AI: He's my best friend!!!

Journal 3: Well believe me it's for a good reason

Journal 3: Show for me the results soon

Journal 3: I need it

Journal 3: Promise to me that you're keeping this as a secret

*AI look at the pictures again*

AI: I promise

Journal 3: Good

Journal 3: I'm counting on you

*Journal 3 walks away*

*AI closes his eyes eyes*

*Opens them*

AI: I'll do it.

Scene 3:

*Gear putting sign*

*Sign: Hiring co-host for BFTD*

*Sign: Highly recommended for everyone take a shot*

Gear: This should do it

Gear: It'll start in an hour

*After an hour*

Gear: Wow there're a lot of people

(RC's and Motor Engine on line)

Gear: Okay let's do this


Gear: Alright, after hours of testing I know who to pick

Gear: Ittttttttt's......

Gear: Motor Engine!

Motor E: Oh really???

Motor E: Yes!!!

Gear: Congrats, you are the chosen co-host!

Motor E: Oh my car! Yay!

Gear: So let's start to talk about the job

Motor E: Cool

*They both start walking*

Gear: Alright, first thing first

Gear: This is the island!

Gear: It's full of good stuff

(While walking) Motor E: this looks amazing!

Gear: This is the elimination area

Gear: You'll be hosting here!

Motor E: Yay!!!

Gear: So I think that's all

Gear: You can explore more here if you want to

Motor E: Okay thanks

*Gear walking*

Motor E: This will be

Motor E: So cool

Scene 4:

Haloy: Hey vane

Vane: hey

Haloy: Have you seen Jarry or FC lately?

Vane: No why?

Haloy: I'm worried about them

Vane: Don't worry, I'm sure they will be fine!

Haloy: Okay...

Haloy: Anyways, what do you want to do?

Vane: You know what?

Vane: Let's find FC!

Haloy: What about Jarry?

Vane: Well they must be together like always right?

Haloy: But...

Haloy: right...

Vane: So let's go!

*Vane grabs Haloy and walks*

*An ominous creature stares at where Haloy and Vane was behind a couple of trees*

*The creature walks away*


Scene 5 - Elimination:

PH: Well, I can't believe it

PH: I'm up for elimination again

PH: Last time I was aggressive now I'm SUPER scared

AI: Do not worry

AI: You are a good contestant I'm sure you won't be eliminated!

PH: Thanks man!

AI: At least I hope so

(PH's faces became worried)

Gear: Welcome everyone!

Gear: Long time no see

BJ: Yeah, it's good to see a familiar face and not a question mark

Jarry: Or a safe

Gear: I want you to meet someone

Gear: His name is Motor engine!

Motor E: Hello!

Gear: He'll host the elimination starting from now

BJ: Okay...

BJ: I hope I'll keep seeing you

Gear: Wanna start Motor?

Motor E: Okay!

Motor E: Get to your elevator everyone!

AI: Good luck guys!

PH: Thanks

PH: I think I'll need that

Motor E: So welcome back to the elimination!

Motor E: It's interesting seeing who will be eliminated today after monocley right?

PH: I hope it's not me or AI

AI: Oh thank you

Motor E: So for this episode, we have 55 votes in total!!!

Motor E: This time to celebrate, we'll have cupcakes!

BJ: But there are only 4 of the,

Motor E: because the eliminated contestant will get a GROSS one!

Jarry: Oh no...

Motor E: So the first object safe issss...

Motor E: Asthma Inhaler with 7 votes!

AI: Oh really?? Awesome!

Motor E: It should be.

Motor E: Anyways, next to be safe is Jarry with 9 votes

Jarry: Wow, okay

Jarry: I actually expected more of them

Jarry: But yay me!!

Motor E: So Paint hat or Blueberry Juice will be eliminated

Motor E: Well if Paint Hat is eliminated, I'm sure there are a lot of reasons leading to it

PH: What??

PH: What are they??

Motor E: 1. you saw a cupcake and was distracted by it

Motor E: 2. you were raging last episode on your lost

Motor E: Which you did to yourself

Motor E: And NONE of the viewers liked it

PH: What about BJ??

PH: There must be reasons for his too!

PH: BJ, you are great friend but last episode you were confused by the contest and was afraid of it too much!

BJ: Why are you saying that?

PH: Because I'm not surprised that you're with me in the Bottom 2

Motor E: Okay, that's enough!

Motor E: Let's see the votes already!

(The vote bar of BJ and PH is rising)

(Zoom on BJ with worried face)

(Zoom on PH with worried face as well)


(The bar shows the votes)

Motor E: And Paint Hat is eliminated!

(Journal 3 is coming)

Journal 3: What?? No, not Paint Hat!!!

PH: I'm sorry Journal 3

PH: I deserved it

PH: For so many reasons

PH: At least it ended my way, the one when I talked with and befriended everyone

PH: It was a nightmare before all of this

AI: Well good luck in the box.

PH: Thanks man.

(The elevator getting closed)

(The elevator is flying to the box)

(The box getting closed again)

Journal 3: Okay, now I need a new assistant

(Looking at AI)

AI: Can I be your new assistant?

Journal 3: Oh sure!

Journal 3: You are smart right?

AI: What do I need to know?

Journal 3: Basic stuffs, but I don't think I need to test you for that

AI: Oh, okay then

AI: Hey um chalice?

Chalice: What?

AI: Where have you been lately?

Chalice: What do you mean by that?

AI: I didn't see you yesterday or today at all

Chalice: Oh about that

Chalice: I need some time alone again

AI: You've started doing it more recently? Are you having a, well...

Chalice: I'm not so sure, maybe

AI: Okay thanks chalice

Chalice: Glad to help

(AI going to Journal 3)

Journal 3: What have you discovered?

AI: Well, I'm not so clear what did chalice do

AI: She just said that she was need some time alone

AI: So I don't really know

AI: I'll try talking to hot air balloon later

Journal 3: Okay

(AI walking away)

FC: Hey Vane?

Vane: Oh hey FC!

Vane: What is it?

FC: I'll get straight to the point

FC: Why are you ignoring Jarry?

Vane: What??

Vane: I'm not ignoring Jarry!

FC: Well earlier, she said to me about that she's feeling rejected by your alliance

Vane: S-she did?

(Vane walks away without looking back)

FC: Hmmm...

Scene 6:

HAB: Hey AI,

HAB: I'm very sorry he got eliminated

HAB: Even though that I don't like him that much

HAB: He'll still be missed for some people

AI: Yeah…

AI: I hope he's okay in there

AI: I mean that place is so small and is filled with A LOT of people

AI: Well, HAB, I'll talk to you later

(AI walks away)

PH: say Chef hat why do you hate GL so much?

CH: well, we were the best of friends

CH: and yeah, he used to have a mustache too

CH: but one day, i woke up and i wanted to make a special dish with GL but,

CH: he stole my recipe and ran away

PH: so after that you two are enemies?

CH: yes, and sometimes I think what is he doing with the recipe, or where did it go

CH: because when i see him on the show, he didn't have it.

CH: no mustache, no fame, just nothing

PH: why aren't you two make up with each other?

CH: I dunno

CH: I'm waiting for his apology for what he did

(Gear in the megaphone)

Gear: All the eliminated contestants

Gear: You are moving to somewhere else

Chef hat: ...IM FREEE

SB: Well not for long

Gear: So everyone

Gear: Go to the box that behind you

(No one is walking)

(Gear with a stupid face)

Gear: Fine!

Gear: We'll do it in the hard way!

Gear: Prepare yourself!

(Everyone get sucked into an elimination dropper)

Fingerprint: NOT AGAIN NO NO NO




*Everyone screams and got sucked*

*Everyone falling inside The Mega Holder

SB: I feel like i will never be happy again

Chef hat: Is this the part where one of us faints?

GL: *faints*

CH: Yay it worked!!!

FP: Why is there liquid dripping down the floor?

Monocley: Gross, I think that's potiony. She must've shattered while inside the dropper

Chef hat: Guys, look. Is the floor made of solid gold?

CB: Awesome!

GEAR: (speaking through a window) no, it's just gold paint.

CB: Oh...

(CB with serious face)

Gear: So anyway, welcome to your new home, it's much better than the last.

Monocley: I'm not so sure

Monocley: After all we are still trapped here

Monocley: there's no doors this time

Gear: We spent a lot on this. DO NOT SAY THAT.

Gear: this place is 2 times bigger than the box. Appreciate this.

Gear: well, I'll leave you people to it

(Gear leaves)

Scene 7:

BJ: I was so close to be eliminated

BJ: I'm so scared that it will happened again

BJ: the viewers totally hate me

BJ: What do you think?

(No one is there)

BJ: Oh yeah

BJ: I went here alone

??? : Bj....

BJ: What???

BJ: who is that??

??? : Hello, Bj.

BJ: Tell me who are you right now!

(Saying it while walking backwards)

??? : You will know soon

BJ: No...

BJ: No!!!!


??? : I'm behind you BJ!!!

??? : You cannot run forever!!!

BJ: Don't shatter, don't shatter...

(??? throwing a branch at him)

BJ: Ugh...

BJ: No please!!!

(BJ getting out of the forest and falling)

BJ: oh…

BJ: Ow...

(Bj getting out the stick)

??? : Hmmm...

(??? walking away)

(BJ is breathing loudly)

(Get up)

Clapboard: Oh there you are!

BJ: Gah!

Clapboard: Wait! I'm here to help you

Clapboard: I saw you injured so I brought you this!

(Clapboard holding a duct paper and putting on BJ)

BJ: Thanks clapboard

Clapboard: No problem

Clapboard: Also it's time for the challenge

BJ: Oh

BJ: Okay

(Clapboard is starting to walk)

BJ: She sure can be nice

(Bj is walking too)

Scene 8:

Gear: Are you ready for the challenge?

HAB: Lemme guess

HAB: You want us to play Undertale

Gear: What? No…

HAB: Wait, really?

HAB: Thank god

Gear: So the challenge is hack and block

BJ: How does it work?

Gear: Well, if you let ME talk

Gear: You would understand

BJ: Fine, Fine! Yish

Gear: So this is how it works

Gear: There will be 2 teams

Gear: 1 team will be the hackers

Gear: And other team will be the blockers

Gear: Hackers- you need to hack the computer, while the blockers will try to stop you, you hackers need to make passwords with 0 and 1, also known as binary code, to hack and release the viruses onto the computer

Gear: Blockers- You will block the hackers with firewalls that will prevent the viruses from entering the computer

Gear: However, if they succeed, the only thing you can do is to put the guardian in

Gear: Every successful hack or block will earn score by how long he has survived

Gear: Example: If AI won the battle and he did it in 5 minutes he'll get 50 points!

BJ: but what if you lose?

Gear: Just +10

Gear: So here are the teams-

Gear: the hackers will be: Chalice, HAB, Jarry, FC and Vane

Gear: and the blockers will be: AI, BJ, Clapboard, Journal 3 and Haloy

Gear: There are 10 computers

Gear: 5 for hackers and 5 for blockers

Gear: The matchup is random

Vane: It means…

Gear: You won't know who you're gonna fight against

Gear: Get ready…

Gear: And GO!

(Everyone running for the computers)

AI: Everything seems clear so far

Journal 3: Yeah, that's weird

Clapboard: At least I'm not a hacker

(Hack attack at Clapboard's computer)

Clapboard: Time for the first fight!

Vane: Time to attack!

(The computer screen getting bigger)

Vane: release the viruses!

(Viruses starting to spread)

Clapboard: Oh no!

Clapboard: Place the firewall!

(Firewall getting in the way)

Vane: Really???

Vane: Codes!

(Vane doing codes)

(Firewall collapses)

Clapboard: No!!!

Clapboard: What do I do now?

Clapboard: Oh yeah put the guardian!

(Guardian released)

Clapboard: Ha!

Clapboard: What are you gonna do now??

Vane: Shoot

Vane: I need to hurry

Clapboard: I gonna win this

Clapboard: Wait what???

(Guardian falling down)

Clapboard: Noooo!!!

(On the screen: You got hacked!)

Vane: Yes! I did it!

Vane: I'm just too good

Clapboard: I can't believe I lost again!

Clapboard: Who did I fight anyways?

Gear: You fought versus Vane

Clapboard: What??

Clapboard: Of course!

Scene 9:

BJ: It's starting to get boring

BJ: These people don't know how to attack

BJ: I think I'm gonna sleep

(BJ falling asleep)

(In the computer: Virus attack!)

(Viruses on the computer)

(BJ is waking up)

BJ: What happened??

BJ: Oh no!

BJ: I'm doomed

BJ: So doomed…

Chalice: *Laughing*

Chalice: What an idiot

Chalice: He didn't even tried to block me!

BJ: Wait a second!

BJ: I got it!

(BJ put the guardian)

Chalice: He put the guardian!

Chalice: I gotta type the codes quick!

(The guardian is fighting the viruses)

(BJ is watching with a popcorn bag)

BJ: *Cough* *Cough* what??

(The guardian is about to fall)

BJ: I'm not giving up this time!

(BJ pressing on all of the buttons for no reason)

BJ: Okay it didn't work

BJ: The computer is dead

(In the screen: You got hacked!)

Gear: You fought against Chalice!

BJ: She's a professional hacker I guess

AI: Wait, what did you just say?

BJ: I said she's a-

(Attack at AI's computer)

AI: Tell me later

Scene 10:

AI: Well time to block

Jarry: What should I put first?

Jarry: Well actually all can I put are viruses

Jarry: Need to put a lot of 'em

(Jarry putting 5 viruses)

Jarry: I bet I can win this one

Jarry: No one will say that I'm a scaredy cat after this one


Jarry: What is it??

(The viruses got defeated)

Jarry: really??

Jarry: You know I'm bad at codes!!!

Jarry: Darn it

(Jarry doing codes)

AI: Well it doesn't seem like a threat

AI: But I still need to stay focused

(AI staring at the screen)

AI: …

AI: What is he or she doing?

Jarry: Come on, come on!


Jarry: Did I do it??

(Jarry looking at the screen)

Jarry: Yes I did!

Jarry: Yay!!!

(Jarry with happy face)


Jarry: What now??

(On the screen: You got blocked!!)

Jarry: But I did everything right!

Gear: Yeah, but AI blocked it

Jarry: AI???

Jarry: Asthma inhaler???

Gear: Yup.

Gear: There's no other AI right?

Jarry: (With angry face) Grrr….

AI: Yes I won!!!

AI: Who was that?

Gear: That was Jarry!

AI: Jarry?

AI: Oh

AI: Well at least I didn't fight HAB or Chalice

AI: That could be awkward

AI: Speaking of which I need to go to HAB now

(AI walking away)

Scene 11:

Journal 3: Welp looks like I need to do a tactical move

(Journal 3 has a lightbulb on his head)

Journal 3: I've got a strategy!

Journal 3: I'll put the guardian and the walls in before he even start attacking!

Journal 3: Gotta be quick though

Journal 3: he could attack at any moment

(Meanwhile with HAB)

HAB: Gear again,

HAB: I don't have limbs!!!

HAB: How am I supposed to do it??

Gear: Find someone that can do it for you!

HAB: And where can I find him?

(AI is coming)

AI: Hey HA-

HAB: AI! I need your help!

HAB: I need you to hack!

AI: What??

AI: But I'm a blocker

AI: I dunno how to hack!

HAB: (While pushing AI to the computer) Just do it!!

AI: Okay…

(At Journal 3 computer: Hack attack!)

Journal 3: Exactly what I wanted!

AI: hmmm…

AI: I'll try to do codes

AI: (While doing codes) HAB is it okay if I can ask you some questions?

HAB: Don't you need to focus?

AI: Say why are you being so rude?

HAB: Not of your business

(AI worried)

Journal 3: Well codes huh?

Journal 3: The guard will stop 'em

Journal 3: Hope so

AI: HAB, I just…

HAB: What now??

AI: Please stop shouting at me!

HAB: If you won't do the codes, I will continue!!

AI: Wait a second!

AI: (Get his hands off the computer) HAB stop it!

AI: I'm your best friend!

AI: I'm not here to do your jobs!!

HAB: Well you are coming to me for a reason so keep hacking!!!

HAB: Or else…

AI: Or else what??

HAB: Or…else…

AI: You know what?

AI: I don't care!

AI: After everyone I've done to you???

AI: THIS is how you return the favors to me???

AI: Do it yourself!

AI: I can't take it anymore!!!

(AI is walking away)

HAB: Grrr…

HAB: I can do it myself!!!

HAB: You'll see!!!

(From AI point of view)

HAB: You all see…!

AI: *Sigh*

(AI keep walking)

HAB: Hmpf

HAB: Stupid-

(On HAB computer: You got blocked!!)

HAB: Grrr!!!

(HAB leaving the place)

Journal 3: Yay!!

Journal 3: I actually won!!!

Gear: Also you fought against HAB

Journal 3: HAB?

Journal 3: Well it's not surprising that I won

(HAB behind him from some distance)

HAB: e-eh

HAB: I shouldn't have done this

(HAB leaving the place again)

Scene 12:

Gear: So the final battle-

Food colouring Vs. Haloy!!

Haloy: Wait! I'm versus FC???

FC: Oh no…

Gear: Final battle

Gear: Now

Haloy: Well, who survived the longest in our team?

Haloy: I think its Journal 3…

Haloy: let's do his strategy then

FC: Are you serious now???

FC: Haloy???

FC: I cannot be against her!

FC: But if I want to survive I must

FC: *Sigh*

FC: Let's get started

Haloy: I think I'm ready!

Haloy: But do not leave the screen!

FC: Viruses go!!!

(The viruses passing to the first wall

4 out of 5 making it)

FC: Yes!!!

Haloy: No!!

Haloy: What can I do about it??

(The viruses passing the 2nd wall

2 out of 4 passing it)

Haloy: Yes! They are dying!!

FC: Oh no!!!

FC: Codes!!!

(While codes: The last virus passing the last wall)

FC: Oh no!!!

FC: I'd better do it fast!!!

Haloy: Hopefully the guard will kill the last virus

FC: And the codes are done!!!

(At Haloy's screen)

Haloy: The guard has 1 more life!!!

Gear: Who will do the final step first?

Gear: Would it be-

Gear: Haloy? (Zoom on Haloy)

Gear: Or Food colouring??(Zoom on FC)

(Moving to the keyboard)

(Both pressing on a button)

(Black screen)

(On the screen: hackers won!)

Scene 13:

Gear: Congrats Hackers you all get points and a bonus of +10 points

Gear: But FC will get 30 bonus points!

FC: Yay!!

Gear: Wanna see the final score now?

FC: Let us do our things first

Gear: Fine, tell me when you all are done

Scene 14:

(AI is coming to vane)

AI: Hey Vane, can I ask you some questions?

AI: It's really important

Vane: Sure I guess

Vane: So what is it?

AI: Well…

AI: Where have you been lately?

Vane: I was with FC, Haloy and…

AI: And?

Vane: Never mind

AI: Okay…

AI: Are you being angry lately?

Vane: Um…

Vane: I actually don't know…

AI: You don't know how you felt?

Vane: Yeah, kind of…

AI: Well, thanks for answering

Vane: Weird

Vane: He don't normally ask questions like that

Vane: Is he okay?

Gear: NOW are you ready to see the points?

FC: Fine

FC: Show them

(Raking board showing)

Gear: So HAB, AI, BJ and Jarry are up for elimination

BJ: Of course! Of course!!!

Gear: Buuuuuuut, the viewers aren't gonna vote for you

BJ: Lemme guess

BJ: Rejoin?

Gear: Nope!

Gear: A debut!

Vane: Okay, what??

FC: Are you serious

Haloy: It's really happening??

Gear: yep, it is!

AI: But who will vote for us?

Gear: The RC's

Gear: When I'm gonna revealing the votes, the one with the least votes will vote someone that is UFE and then will get out

Gear: Same as the 2nd last, 3rd last and etcetera

Gear: So, 35 out of 118 RC will have the chance to be the 1st debut of the Battle for Trillion Dollars

Gear: Let's see who they are shall we?

#1 glove: Hey, if you want to pick a real competition that will be in the show, vote for me

#1 glove: the rest are just crybabies

Banana split: If you vote for us, things will get better!!!

Blue Food colouring: I need to help my sister, Pick me please

Bone: If pick pick me, brightness will come to the competition!

Candy bar: Pick me if you want a sweet taste in the competition

Candy bar: Also a little bit of selfishness

Clappy: I'm very proud of my cousin!

Clappy: I want to see her win

Clappy: Also pick me please!

Clappy: I'll try to be the nicest as possible

Color bomb: I'm very intelligent and smart

Color bomb: Pick me and I'll show you amazing things!!

Constellation: Hey guys! Time for a unique contestant in the show!!

Cookie jar: I'll give ya cookies!

Crystal: Pick me and I'll spark the show!

Diamond dagger: Don't be silly and pick me!

Diamond dagger: I promise, with me the show will be interesting!

Dreidel: I can add a lot to the show!

Dreidel: If you'll just give me a chance!

FBB: Well, I don't want to pop the party but, I'm pretty sure that I need to join

G: You know…You can add someone mean to the competition too

Gamerboy: Sup everyone?

Gamerboy: I have a personality of a cool guy, you should pick me!

Harp: I'm pretty sure that a nice music will add a lot to the show!!

Honey: Pick me please

Honey: I promise I'm not gonna do anything wrong

Ice skate: I would love to break the ice with the contestants!

Magnolia: It's not all about just beauty it's also about personality

MePhone X: I have the newest tech here!

MePhone X: Pick me and you'll get it too!

Military hat: Competition! I have to race against somebody!!!

Military hat: Pick me!

Milky: I know I was supposed to be on the show but I have better things now!

Milky: Please let me join!!

Mustache: Pick me and you'll get  salad

Red Shade: Oh, hello there…

Red Shade: PICK ME OR I'LL KILL YOU!!! (This is the creator of Red Shade, and I approve this)

Rock candy: I'm tough, that's all you need for a competition

Rubber ball: I can bounce all day!

Rubber ball: Pick me to join!!!

Pine tree: Hello! I'm ready to win this debut! Just pick me!

Pulley wheel: Pick me and I'll tell you all about my adventures!

Pumpkin pie: Pick me! I'm really not like woody! Hehe…

Santa hat: Everyone will get gifts if you pick me!

Slingshot: I can be better if you want to, just let me join!

Sprite: Yeah! A debut!

Sprite: Please pick me I'm very energetic!!!

Target: Well if you want to get on the right target

Target: Pick me to rejoin!!!

Wizard hat: Wanna see magic tricks?

Wizard hat: Well you gonna see if I'll be in the show!

Yoyleberry juice: Hey everyone!

Yoyleberry juice: Please pick me so I can be with my brother!

Yoyleberry Juice: I want to support him as much as I can!

(Debut screen)


Scene 15:

(AI is coming for journal 3)

Journal 3: So what did you discover?

AI: Well chalice said she just want to be alone and she might do that more frequently

AI: Vane said she was with Haloy, FC and the last one, whose she didn't told me and she also said that the three don't notice her feelings

Journal 3: And HAB?

AI: We got into a fight

Journal 3: Oh

Journal 3: Well, from the picture I saw, there can only be one person left, which could be "the last one" she mentioned, and I think it's…

AI: And that is?

Journal 3: Well it's…


AI: What was that??

(They are going outside of the building)

Journal 3: It's…him…